Education Speech '09

Recently, I could not help but tune in to President Obama's latest speech. He spoke a great deal of the importance of education. Every politician stresses topics such as education and environmentalism, etc. However, he spoke of something that means far more than just paying attention in school. President Obama expressed the need for young people to be responsible and stay true to themselves. This has inspired me to make a sort of change as to how I do things from now on as explained in the oncoming, very brief, dissertation.

I'm going to stay on track and make sure I never falter with my school work. If I have a question that needs to be answered I will not hesitate to ask my teacher or who ever is in charge for help. I know my asking for help is not a sign of weakness, but a sign of strength. Strength to admit when I do not know something and to learn something new. Helping myself is a responsibility I choose to uphold.

From now on, I will always be ready to learn. I will always be up to any challenge and that is a commitment I am making for myself. Whatever I am going to do, I am going to commit to it. Whether it is an extracurricular activity, a sport, school work, I plan to pull through anything and everything I feel I should be succeeding at. I know I might fail at times but I will make sure to learn from my mistakes so that next time I can get the job done better. I am ready for necessary changes if need be.

Working to get where I want to be is no easy task. But, I know I will all work out in the end which is why it is worth it for me to keep going. No matter what happens though, I will make sure to always stay true to myself.
© Hector Salcedo 2009
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