My Genius

My Genius

Thomas Armstrong is an educator who thinks that certain basic human qualities and how far one is willing to go on their best qualities is what makes a genius. Being a genius essentially means to "give birth to one's own wonder in learning". This is one of my best quality and how it makes me a genius:

Wisdom- Giving birth to one's own enlightenment and experienced insight

In school I'm usually bored in class because most of the time I'll know a lot about the topics one of my teachers will be giving me a lesson about and it makes the classes a breeze. Work will always be easy and quick for me and I'll usually know the answers to a teacher's question as well as the other students' questions to the teachers. I just tend to find that school isn't really intellectually challenging. But then again, it's most likely because being wise just comes naturally to me. For example, despite the fact that I'm Hispanic I rarely speak Spanish nor do I dabble in writing yet in Spanish class I immediately know what adjective forms of every word will be, the feminine/masculine uses and definitions. I'll guess answers to questions and always be right. From there, I'll ace all my tests/quizzes without even having paid any attention in class. The homework is a breeze. Outside of school, I seem to be more sage-like(if you can call it that). The people I hang out with and see every day ask me for advice on practically everything. Although I try to give the best answers I can, they usually tell me I give great advice and that I seem like someone who has a lifetime of experience to give. Other friends of mine like to refer to me as a guy who seems to have known his stuff for at least 20 years. I guess I just seem to have a knack for being all knowing.

I guess I've been a genuis all my life as far as wisdom goes. Other people are genuises for other qualities but I'm a genius full of wisdom. I guess that just means I'm a modern day Mr. Miyagi.

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